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The Southern Alps

00 Alpes du Sud tourisme

Having visited Marseille, rush in the winter season into the hinterland and more precisely in this wild and unspoilt region: The Southern Alps. You will discover typical chalets, magical flora and fauna, privileged destination for fans of skiing as well as hiking paths in unspoilt natural great spaces.

03 Alpes du Sud tourisme

Take one weekend, one week or one season to discover these wonders…

The beautiful story

History of the Southern Alps modelled their landscapes and heritage: forts, citadels, abbeys, churches and cathedrals are impressive attestations to this past full of influences and lusts.

These lusts allowed Vauban to demonstrate his military genius in many Alpine sites. The  fortifications and the architecture of this outstanding builder undoubtedly prevented the region with potential invasions of the Italian feared neighbor…

Born in 1633, this exceptional engineer will make every efforts to strengthen the French frontiers by order of the Sun King. His works have survived almost intact.

Then the fortifications of Colmar les Alpes built in 1690 to stop Piedmontese soldiers, the Mont-Dauphin one which protected the Guil valley and the fortress of Briançon (European highest town) are intact and their conception still subjugate many architects nowadays…

Sacred Art also holds an important place in the region heritage with the Romanesque church of Manosque, the Romanesque abbey of Boscodon which is at an altitude of 1150m, the Notre-Dame du Réal cathedral, considered as a masterpiece of the Romanesque Art and the church “Notre-Dame de l’assomption” (first religious building in this backward country built in the 11th century).

In the church of the Cordeliers, the « Collégiale Notre-Dame », the Convent of the « Recollets » near Briançon and in the countless chapels and churches beauty and simplicity are together. This strange mix of military and sacred model this unique heritage…

06 Alpes du Sud tourisme

Celebration in the mountains

In the winter season, each village, valley or resort are putting an emphasis on this love of parties in many festivities which celebrate nature, traditional craft, gastronomy, mountain or nativity…

During the torchlight descents the monitors will invite you to join them for this unforgettable  descent which ends with the famous mulled wine with cinnamon (compulsory registration in ski schools).

Be sure to celebrate the herdsmen festivals, the midnight masses, the cribs of santons and the numerous popular dances for New Year’s Eve…

That time of the year is  undoubtedly when there are the more celebrations and demonstrations. It celebrates winter, traditional occupations or artisan products.  You are welcome to come and taste to the highlanders’ conviviality and the sense of welcome…

10 Alpes du Sud tourismeAt the heart of nature

Unconquered for a long time, the Southern Alps have many natural sites,  each one wilder than the last…

To be discovered all year long, they host unique species as well as magical biodiversity and landscapes. You will be able to wander around them by bike, horse or foot to match your moods and you will be emerged in a breathtaking universe. One of the most famous is the national Park of the Mercantour which combines mountain and the Mediterranean Sea with its one-of-a-kind landscapes.

The National park of the « Ecrins », on the edge of the Hautes Alpes, offers visitors a preserved mountainous setting, a land of scents and colors which hosts a unique fauna…

04 Alpes du Sud tourisme

The National Park of the Queyras, situated in the heart of the Hautes Alpes will welcome the most courageous at 3000 m of altitude to rediscover the alpine mountain. Groundhogs, jackdaws, mouflons and ibexes will accompany you throughout this trip in the wilderness.

Climb in the Alps

Fan of climbing are in paradise as they come to this region. Indeed, less harsh than the Himalayas, the Alps offers a unique range of activities and diversity. Many sites are equipped so that everyone can enjoy this intact nature.

There is something ot do for everyone, either in the « massif des Ecrins » for the most experienced one, in the pits of Dévoluy for speleology fans, in the à-pic cliffes of Buoux in the valley of the Luberon or even in the famous “massif du Verdon” (where there are more than 900 paths of all levels)…

Many secured Via Ferrata offer beginners a magical initiation, the most famous one is in the Mercantour.
for these kinds of activities, we recommend you to make sure that you have the competent support of a professional. Have a good climbing !…

Put your best foot forward

This French region is to be associated with walks and hiking. Countless paths and trails weave a real web in it. They are the most beautiful, the most preserved and demanding of our country.

The famous GR (sentiers de grandes randonnées = big hiking trip path) offer real jewels and contiuously renewed routes where the hiker falls in love with nature in its original form while wandering.

Please respect these unique reichness so that the future generations will be able to discover them…

05 Alpes du Sud tourisme

Dive off !

From Spring to fall, as snow melts, many water activites are proposed in this unique region.
In the countless rivers and torrents, such as the tumultuous Guisane of Serre Chevalier, the wild and mysterious « gorges du Verdon », the impetuous Ubaye, the capricious Durance or the lakes of Serre-Ponçon and of Verdon, there is a world of possibilities…

Canoeing, rafting, hydrospeed, Kayak, ice diving, rowing, sailing, funboard, electric boat, pedal boat or just bathing, you will find a water surface which will suits your envies. A pure and invigorating water for sporty and dynamic holidays.