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Guide Touristique du Syndicat d’Initiative Marseille (ENGLISH)

The Syndicat d'Initiative Marseille invites you to discover and visit Marseille and Provence. Our website MyGuide Marseille is a tourist guide which helps us to promote tourism in Marseille.
This Marseille and Provence Tourism Guide, allows you to prepare your trip and to organize your stay and your travel itinerary in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur PACA region.
Discover the heritage of Marseille, its specialties, its traditions, the Olympique de Marseille, “Plus Belle la Vie”, practical information, what’s the weather like in Marseille, and also Provence surrounding Marseille ...
To prepare your stay in Marseille in 1, 2 or 3 days, discover the walks and excursions with the Tourist Guides of the Tourist Office of Marseille


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A word from the President

More than one hundred years ago, people from Marseille who were deeply attached to their city realized that tourism was a source of profit, both for France and for Marseille. They founded the Tourist Board. Years after years, this example was followed by many cities in the region. We would like to express today our gratitude to these pioneers.
In order to situate the starting point and the aim of the Tourist Board of Marseille, let’s quote a book dedicated to Mr Lucien ESTRINE, President and Founder : « On a fine summer day, in 1902, Mr Louis FAUCHE published in the newspaper « Petit Marseillais » an article called « Un Syndicat d’Initiative S.V.P» (a Tourist Board please). On the same day, Mr Lucien ESTRINE invited Mr ARTAUD and FAUCHE for lunch : as they ate the dessert, the Tourist Board was created.
To carry forward the banner of an institution which is over a century old is a major challenge as we have to succeed very influential personalities like Mr Louis Milliard and Fernand Athénoux, who were both President of the Tourist Board for 20 years.
My aim is to make sure their significant work is not to be forgotten but on the contrary that our association expands its activities in any field defined in our bylaws in order to give our magnificent city and its region a greater outreach.

President of Marseille Tourist Board

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The Calanques: from Marseilles to Cassis

Visiter calanque envau marseille tourisme syndicat initiative

Visit Marseille without forgetting one of the most beautiful gems of the Mediterranean. The National Park of the Calanques of Marseilles, an emblematic landscape, it is both marine and terrestrial of Mediterranean Provence, the exceptional site of the Calanques is known throughout the world for its unique landscapes, an exceptional biodiversity as well as its cultural heritage.
The Hôtel Dieu - Hôtel Intercontinental

The Hôtel Dieu - Hôtel Intercontinental

Hotel Dieu Intercontinental avec le Syndicat d'Initiative Marseille TourismeThe Hôtel-Dieu in Marseille is a former Marseilles hospital founded in 1593 and located in the famous Panier district. In 2006 Hôtel-Dieu was transformed into a 5-star hotel by the British hotel group InterContinental. It is today the most grandiose of luxury hotels in Marseille! The hotel has 194 rooms, an outdoor terrace of 750 m2, a Spa of 1 000 m2.


Marseille, the cruise capital...

Marseille Croisière Visiter Marseille avec le Syndicat d'Initiative Marseille TourismeThe cruise breaks new records with its exponential development. Tourism in Marseille is growing thanks to cruise passengers, with 450 stopovers from 27 different companies (1.5 million visitors in 2015), it has become France's leading cruise port and the 5th Mediterranean port. Marseille hosted the world's largest cruise ship "Allure Of The Seas".


The culinary delights from Marseille

Les Spécialités Marseillaises, la Bouillabaisse et autres plats traditionnels de Marseille et Provençal avec le Syndicat d'Initiative de Marseille.Rich in its heritage, the culinary art of Marseilles, and more generally of Provence, is marked by the claw of know-how and by the freshness of quality food. Great amateur of fish, it shines by its creativity and its originality. Sauced or grilled, raised by a sprig of fennel or by a fillet of olive oil, its specialties subjugate by their flavors and their characters.